Coffee Shops That Will Hook You With Caffeine And Cool Decor

We could point to knit gloves and thick scarves or pre-holiday jitters as the inspiration to wander into a cool coffee shop and drink a cup. The truth is, many Americans drink coffee year round. All day and, with such a fervent abandon, theyll consume it hot, in 90-degree heat. Perhaps then, fall just stands simply as one more excuse to have a third cup in a day? One cannot be sure, but it did seem a perfect season for Yahoo Travel to shout out those illustrious coffee houses that go the extra mile.
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Caffeine Alert

Sadly, when I asked SNP ministers whether they had concerns about reports of children consuming caffeinated energy drinks they said no. They havent spoken to manufacturers or retailers about the issue, and have no plans to restrict sales of these products. Yet new rules agreed by Europe come into force at the end of next year which will require energy drinks to state more clearly that they are not recommended for children. If this is the case, and given the increased concern in America, it seems the Scottish Government are seriously out of step. Prof Mike Lean said: Not enough research has been carried out on the long-term effects of caffeine, especially among kids. A spokeswoman for the Food Standards Agency Scotland said: Were not aware of any evidence of a direct, long term effect from consuming caffeine, either in energy drinks or in any other foods. A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said: We have no current plans to restrict caffeine. However, we remain open to the consideration of any proposal that can contribute to improving dietary health and should sufficient evidence be brought forward, we remain open to addressing this issue. A report published three months ago claimed many people dont understand the risks of caffeine.
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