The High Street Coffees That Have Ten Times As Much Caffeine As A Can Of Coca-cola

How the drinks compare

A snapshot survey of some of the most popular coffee shops and sandwich chains revealed that a large americano from Costa Coffee contains 370mg of caffeine. Choosing to add an extra shot of espresso would take the figure to above 400mg in a single cup. This is compared with the 32mg in a can of Coke, a drink already perceived as being high in caffeine. Chemicals in foods can ‘double miscarriage risk’: Researchers warn pregnant women of dangers in the home It is almost twice the daily caffeine limit recommended for pregnant women in the UK and close to some countries threshold for healthy adults. Other coffees with high levels of caffeine include a large americano from Starbucks, which contains 300mg of the stimulant and a medium americano from Costa Coffee, which contains 277mg. UK health authorities advise women to take in no more than 200mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy.
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